Manifestation Hubs

It is always easier to learn and apply your new skill of manifestation, and make it into a daily habit, when you work with a small group of committed manifesters.

We encourage you to form small groups in your area to meet once a week, fortnight or month to share your insights and your manifestations and to support and inspire each other to manifest your dreams and live the lives you were born to live.

It is recommended that all members of your Manifestation Hub subscribe to the 12month Manifestation at YOUR Command – Online Training so that you all have access to all the Manifestation tools and skills and can attend the regular Manifestation at YOUR Command webinars together.

If any member of the group is unable to pay the full fee, they are more than welcome to subscribe by donating whatever they can afford. No one needs to miss out on this invaluable knowledge.

It is time to take your power back and take charge of your destiny!